Stevia Extract 2oz Bottle

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Stevia Extract 2oz Bottle
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     Stevia is a natural sweetener. Stevia is extracted from stevia rebaudiana, a member of the chrysanthemum family and a wild herb native to Paraguay and Brazil. The stevia plant was first discovered centuries ago in Paraguay by the native population. But it wasn’t until the late 19th century that a Swiss botanist working in South America documented this so-called “sweet leaf”, and brought it back with him.
     Our all-natural stevia extract is different from sugar in many ways, and there are several reasons why stevia is a better option than refined sugar, whether you’re diabetic or just looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Here are just some of the benefits that we hope will help convince you to add stevia to your regular diet.
Stevia is a  power packed sweetener: In most comparative studies stevia has proven to be upto 40 times sweeter than refined sugar. This means that you will likely be using much less stevia in sugar free cooking or to sweeten larger amounts of beverages.
Stevia has zero calories zero on the glycemic index so it is safe for diabetics: In general foods with a GI of less than 50 are considered safe for diabetics.
Apples have a GI of 39
Table sugar has a GI of 80
French fries have a GI of 95
Stevia has a GI of 0
     A 2010 study published in "The Open Obesity Journal" reported that too much sugar is linked to the development of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, cavities, inflammatory bowel disease and the overgrowth of the candida yeast in the body. The good news is that stevia does not contain any calories and may possibly have health-enhancing properties. The same study cites the association of stevia with better blood glucose levels fewer cavities, effective antioxidant activity, antiviral and antibacterial properties and the ability to lower blood pressure. Stevia is actually used by some doctors to regulate blood pressure in South America, We hope you will consider adding our delicious stevia extract to your diet today in this convenient on the go sized bottle. Because so little stevia is required to sweeten these 2 OZ of extract can go a long way.
NOTE: If you are only use to the taste of sugar it may take a bit of time to get acquainted with the taste of stevia but the trade off is well worth it and the sweet taste of stevia is a lot stronger and lasts a lot longer. In our experience Stevia is very helpful in helping fight off sugar cravings that are known to be a side effect of regularly consuming refined sugar.  
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