Blue Vervain Verbena hastata Cut n Sifted 1oz bag

Herbs for pain

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Blue Vervain Verbena hastata Cut n Sifted 1oz bag
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     Blue Vervain is also know as Verbena hastata in North America and is closely related to it's European cousin Verbena officinalis. Vervain has been used in traditional herbal medicine by many diverse cultures from the ancient Romans and Celtic cultures to the American Indians. The name Vervain is derived from the Celtic ferfain, the plant was used by them for afflictions of the bladder and is still used today as a diuretic to treat bladder infections. Vervain was used by the American Indians to treat stomach disorders and to clear up cloudy urine. Army surgeons used blue vervain during the Revolutionary war.
     Blue vervain has also been used topically to for pain relief as well. There is an interesting debate among biblical scholars that Vervain was used to treat the wounds of Jesus when taken down from the cross. This is most likely where Blue vervain's other names like herb of the cross and herb of grace come from.
Caution:  Blue vervain can stimulate Uterin contractions so it is not advised to take during pregnancy
Constituents: tannin
typically made into Blue vervain tea to aid with discomfort and promote relaxation.
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