Gotu Kola powder 1oz bag

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Gotu Kola powder 1oz bag
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     Gotu Kola is also known by its scientific name, Latin Centella asiatica, or more commonly, simply as centella. Lately natural herb enthusiast are rediscovering gotu kola, this small, perennial herbaceous plant from the wetlands of Asia can have a number of remarkable effects on the body. unlike other alternative remedies with origins in one particular culture or medical tradition Gotu Kola was used in ancient India, Africa, and China for its powerful medicinal properties.
benefits of Gotu kola include
 speed wound healing
 improve skin health
 boost cognition
 soothe nervous disorders
 treat respiratory issues
 reduce toxicity
 protect the heart
 heal the circulatory system
     Gotu Kola is classified by many as an adaptogen (meaning it is one of the herbs that have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the mind, body and spirit). While many of the smart drugs put out by big Pharma companies to enhance brain function have a stimulating effect on the nervous system as well Gutu Kola has a balancing and centering effect in our bodies. There is a rich history of study centered around the use of Gotu kola in a variety of home remedies as well as over all life extension and health. One of the more noted advocates of Gotu Kola is The Daoist master and herbalist Li Ching-Yuen. In his time, a very famous proponent and user of the plant. Ancient Chinese medical texts report that he died at the ripe age of 256 years old and attribute his longevity in large part to the use of Gotu Kola on a daily basis.
Our Gotu Kola is in a powdered form and can be taken as part of a tea blend ( Frequently added to Ginkgo,Ginseng and Periwinkle ) or also in a blended cap form as well.
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