Kola Nut powder 1oz bag

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Kola Nut powder 1oz bag
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    Kola nut benefits include a boost in energy, natural weight loss due to an increase in your metabolic rate, and promoting better faster digestion of the foods you eat. The Kola Nut is another natural alternative to caffeine as is Guarana. There is a rich history of Kola nut being used for medicinal purposes as well  that are documented in South Africa and Nigeria. Kola nut is a popular natural substitute for caffeine added to many energy drinks. As a fun fact Kola Nut was one of the two key ingredient in the popular soft drink Coca Cola.
     Our Kola Nut Powder can be blended into coffee teas and smoothies and other beverages as well as capped and consumed easily that way. 
   Kola is a natural source of caffeine and if you have a low to know tolerance for Caffeine or have been advised by a physician to not take caffeine then do not use this supplement. Also because Kola Nut is a powerful form of Caffeine it should never be consumed in large doses by anyone.
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