Ginkgo Biloba powder 1oz bag

Herbs for brain fog

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Ginkgo Biloba powder 1oz bag
   The ginkgo tree also known as Ginkgo biloba tree is one of the longest-living tree species in the world, with each tree living as long as 1,000 years. Ginkgo is also one of the oldest species of trees on the earth and the only species of tree to not go extinct after the ice age. Another testament to the unbelievable endurance of the tree is that after the bombing of Hiroshima the Ginkgo tree was the only tree to survive.
        Ginkgo leaves have been used medicinally since at least 2600 B.C., according to Ginkgo leaf powder may be useful in treating cardiovascular and circulatory disorders as well as Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.  Again with the rise of smart drugs after movies like limitless and Lucy dominated the box offic and TV we are now starting to see a renewed interests in Ginkgo.
     Ginkgo is often used in combination with other herbs that have similar properties to compliment it's benefits to brain health such as Periwinkle and Gotu kola. Some studies conducted at The University of Maryland Medical Center have found Ginkgo helpful in memory retention as well as improving blood circulation due to the fact that it makes your blood less sticky by opening up  blood vessels. Ginkgo also has some antioxidant benefits as well.
Ginkgo Biloba powder can be encapsulated or mixed in as part of a juice or smoothie. Also it is commonly made into a tea along with Periwinkle,Ginseng and Gotu Kola as an herbal blend to strengthen cognitive functions and alertness, We have personally used these herbs in a stack and found they do appear to be helpful in improving our focus and short term memory as well.
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