Choline Bitartrate powder 1oz bag

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Choline Bitartrate powder 1oz bag
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     Choline Bitartrate is a well-rounded staple nootropic. Notropics are essentially nutrients for the brain and are a category of nutrients that promote cognition focus and memory. Choline Bitartrate considered as part of the B complex family of vitamins. Choline Bitartrate is a precursor ( meaning your body converts it to another nutrient as needed by the body ) and in this case Choline Bitartrate is converted into Acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that is crucial to a stable mood, focus and learning.
According to a recent study 90% of the US is possibly Choline deficient.
     In 1998 the Institute of Medicine ( IOM ) set Choline as an essential nutrient and set the standards for adequate intake at 550MG for adult men and 425MG for Adult women and 450MG for pregnant women due to the fact low Choline diets are associated with some neurological birth defects. While Infants are often given Choline supplements in baby formula so they are getting adequate amounts unfortunately 90% US adults and Children are below what is defined as an adequate level according to research done by the National health and nutrition examination survey ( N.H.A.N.E.S ).
Choline may be especially important to Vegans
     Choline Bitartrate is a powder composed of Choline and Bitartrate which is a form of salt. Choline can be naturally found in red meats,egg yokes milk and other sources but a vegan diet may not lend itself to these sources so this supplement can be especially helpful in that case.
Choline Benefits:
Better memory
Liver detoxification
Better focus
Less mood swings
Our Choline Bitartrate powder mixes easy in juice or smoothie or can also be used in capsule form. Add our Choline bitartrate to your supplement regiment today at a great low price.
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