Passion Flower Herb Cut n Sifted 1oz bag

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Passion Flower Herb Cut n Sifted 1oz bag
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Passion flower's botanical name is passifloral incarnata. Passionflower is native to South Texas, Mexico, and Central America. Growing to a length of 30 feet (9 meters) under ideal conditions. Passionflower is most commonly usded for it's mildly sedative effects before bedtime and to ease nervous anxiety during the day. Passionflower is sometimes used with valerian which can also be found on this website. While you will find passionflower in an extract form ( only using the leaves ) sold by others we provide both the leaves and stems because many studies indicate that using leaves and stems can introduce a better bio available mix. This mix produces a more pronounced relaxing effect because of the synergy between all parts of the plant working together.
     Passionflower has grown in popularity over the last couple of decades due to it's high levels of the flavonoid known as Chrysin. Health enthusiasts and especially older individuals are looking for this flavonoid to fight the aromatization. Aromatization is the bodies natural process of converting testosterone into estrogen in the body and this process is one of the key factors of homeostasis ( the bodies biological programming to stay in the same condition ).  This is one reason for the rise in popularity of passionflower by athletes and health enthusiasts who are trying to make serious changes in their bodies through exercise and conditioning.
Constituents: Chrysin, harmane, harmaline.

Parts Used: Dried leaves and stems.

Typical Preparations: Teas, tinctures and encapsulations. Sometimes found in relaxing bath blends and sleep pillow mixes. 

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