Siberian Ginseng Eleuthero Root powder 1oz bag

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Siberian Ginseng Eleuthero Root powder 1oz bag
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     Eleuthero root also known as Siberian Ginseng is another one of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs known to man. While there is very limited modern research about Siberian ginseng there is quite a bit of historical research on the benefits and potential of the root. Most notable of this research is the work of Li Shih-Chen, a pharmacologist and physician who wrote a 52-volume manuscript documenting the treatments used in TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine ). He covered over 10,000 substances used to support the health and wellness of the body and mind.
Li Shih-Chen wrote very favorably of Eleuthero root aka Siberian Ginseng
"I would rather take a handful of eleuthero than a cartload of gold and jewels." [1]
    Eleuthero Root most recently has been popularized byt the research and popularity it gained in the Soviet Union. Siberian Ginseng is now a popular name for this herb after the extensive research done on Eleuthero root that grows in the Siberian forests. Soviet scientists started conducting studies on the herb in the 1960's and have since advocated and used what many now refer to as Siberian Ginseng in all walks of life including to increase productivity of their work force. As a part of recreational beverages like in the 1967 orbit of Soviet Cosmonauts. Eleuthero root was also used extensively as a performance enhancing substance on the part of the Soviet union in the 1988 Olympic games. It is after these games that interests in this adaptogenic herb began to spread around the world.
      After digging up a translation of one Eleuthero study at a U.S. Airforce base, noted herbal medicine researcher, Dr. Bruce Halstead, MD actually went to Siberia to meet with Dr. Israel Brekhman, Ph D. who is a top Soviet Eleuthero researcher. These early meetings have led to Siberian Ginseng becoming one of the most researched herbs on the planet in the modern day in my opinion.
Siberian Ginseng Benefits:

Eleuthero Root seems to help your body adapt to stress and makes your stress response more efficient.

Eleuthero Root seems to       strengthen your memory and help you stay clear-headed even when you’re under pressure.

Eleuthero Root helps you enjoy sustained energy over the long-term without the jitters or energy roller coasters of stimulants like caffeine.

    Our Siberian Ginseng powder can be easily mixed into a tea, juice or smoothie to enjoy some of the relaxing health benefits of this wonderful herb.
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