Mexican Dream Herb c/s (Calea Zacatechichi) 1 oz bag wildharvested

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Mexican Dream Herb c/s (Calea Zacatechichi) 1 oz bag wildharvested
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( This is the entire plant, some stems / sticks)

    Mexican dream herb also known as Calea zacatechichi, Thepelakano, Bitter Grass, Calea Z  is a medium sized shrub native to Mexico. Traditionally Mexican dream herb is used by the indigenous Chontal natives as a means of dream divination. In fact Thepelakano has the rough English translation of ( Leaves of God ). There are many text from various religions including the bible that give examples of humans communicating with God in a dream state and it is for this reason that some people believe Mexican dream herb helps you find deeper meanings and discoveries while in a dream state. Also this herb is frequently used for relaxation and agreed by many herbalist to aid in inducing highly vivid and lucid dreams.

    There are many reports abound on the internet by users of the dream herb experiencing highly vivid and enlightening dreams or glimpses into the future and accelerated time where a dream that took place over hours seemed to last for months and even years. Quite a few people believe these dreams enhance their awareness and understanding of the universe on a deeper level. While some say this is just a hallucinogen. These effects are not well documented by modern medicine but are found in the lucid dreaming community and Native Americans as well.


Usually made into a tea with other herbs to stave off it's rather bitter taste. This Herb is also frequently placed into a pillow before bedtime and used to enhance dreams. Many people think it is because of the Aromatic effects of the herb it is very effective in this way as well.

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