Wild Forest Ginseng Cistanche Tubulosa 10:1 extract 500mg 30 gel caps bottle

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Wild Forest Ginseng Cistanche Tubulosa 10:1 extract 500mg 30 gel caps bottle
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     Cistanche Tubulosa is a rare form of the Panax ginseng family found in the sparsely populated Hsinchiang Uighur Autonomous Hotan region of north western China, southern Russia and southern Mongolia. Cistanche Tubulosa grows in an oasis in the Takla Makan Desert where the extreme desert conditions produce the perfect environment for this rare Ultra Potent adaptogenic herb to thrive.
Have the people of the Hotan Region found a Ginseng to enhance their longevity?

    It is a well documented fact that people from the Takla Makan Desert are known for their longevity and have one of the four longest life expectancies in the world. The percentage of elderly people that live to be over one-hundred years old in this particular area is the highest in all of China. The number of people of this region that live to be over 100 years old is three times that of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan which is famous for its people's longevity. Per 100,000 people, Okinawa has 51 people aged over 100 and in comparison Hotan has 183 such people past 100 years old. People of the Hotan region eat Cistanche Tubulosa daily and this habit is believed to be the key of people's longevity.
         The powdered form of this herb has been placed in a Kosher 500MG gel capsule. This makes it perfect for adding to other Adaptogens in that form and consuming them on the go. Cistanche Tubulosa is rare and imported directly here to the states to be offered here on our website.
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